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Driving School Agency

Driving School Agency

We would like to draw your attention to our DRIVING SCHOOL-AGENCY, which has been operative in Milan for over thirty years now, offering a wide variety of services.
TIMELINESS, RELIABILITY AND SERIOUSNESS - these are the qualities which have always been our mark of distinction and caused a vast range of customers to appreciate us.

Personalized theoretical courses for foreigners
Driving licenses - classes A - B - C - D - E
Driving lesson (Renault Clio) - full time throughout the day

Conversion of foreing driving licences
Internationals driving licences
Confirmations of driving licence validity
Transfer of ownership of vehicles
Changes of address on car papers
Vehicle overhauls for Ministry of Transport purposes

You can apply for any document through us, and avoid wasting time.
"Questura" (Police headquarters)
Municipal offices
Applications for tax-payer's codes
Applications for VAT numbers
Other offices


Viale D. Ranzoni, 5 - 20149 MILANO
MM 1 De Angeli - BUS 63-72-80-90-91 - TRAM 16
Tel.02 23169781 - 02 48702988 Fax 02 40090392

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